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Wilhelms Outlet Centre – The only outlet directly in the city & directly at the sea

With the Wilhelms, an inner-city outlet center is being built in the heart of Wilhelmshaven. Wilhelmshaven was founded as a naval garrison by King William I of Prussia in 1869 because of its unique and protected position. Even today the city is Germany's largest naval base. But the maritime and port city with Germany’s only deep water harbour has a lot more to offer. Due to the direct location at the sea and the only beach on the North Sea facing south, Wilhelmshaven attracts numerous visitors every year. The multitude of tourist destinations and leisure attractions in the direct vicinity of the Wilhelms Outlet Centre have an enormous potential of 19.1 million guests, who add 1.22 billion Euros touristic economic value to the entire North Sea region. Through various co-operations with regional visitor attractions, the indoor Wilhelms fit perfectly into the northwest's landscape of attractions and convince its visitors with a combination of shopping and entertainment.

Facts about Wilhelms
A unique concept combines the touristic qualities of the North Sea holiday destination with the attractive offers of selected partner brands. The only inner-city outlet on the North Sea coast has successfully passed all approval procederes. The Wilhelms Outlet Centre will be the new destination in an area where 19.1 million visitors per day are already enjoying themselves.

• 15,000 square meters operating area
• 6,000 sqm net sales area
• 19.1 million tourists in the touristic region p.a.
• 4,400 € turnover / sqm according to CIMA expertise
• Parking: 900 free parking spaces
• 50 international Brands under one roof. Good mood guaranteed even in low weather conditions,
• 5.7 million overnight visitors in a 45-minutes radius

Find out more at www.wilhelms-outlet.de